Army Body Fat Percentage Calculator for iPhone App Reviews

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Not correct

Put in measurements for a 32 year old male and according to this app he failed with 24% and 24% is what he is allowed. With the old school math way of doing it he passed. Do not buy.

Incorrect percentages

The idea is great but the percentages are incorrect. The app says I am allowed 26% at 34 years old. This is not the case nor has ever been the case. I am allowed 24%.

Army body fat calculator

It's not accurate says you're good when you're not.

Not accurate

Don't waste the $1.99. It isn't accurate at all. Mine was off by about 3%.

Formulas do not match new standard.

Formulas do not compute correctly. It says you are in standard and are not.


How can you say the largest neck measurement can be 15in. This makes this entire app worthless and it isn't updated for the new reg.

does not work

Just down loaded this and it does not work.

Good idea

Great concept,calculations are wrong. Sometimes it adds up correctly, sometimes it's one percent too low.

Not so good

After the latest update it does not show pass or fail and I am not sure if the calculations are accurate (I haven't double checked the math) No matter how high the body fat % it always says "ok". I will update the review after this is fixed.

Love it

As perfect as this app is, I think I have a great idea. The only thing I have not been able to find in any application so far is . . . . . . a "Weight for height table". It can be found in AR 600-9 on page 4. I beilive that this app will be the first to provide that for us. The application that I use to calculate the PT scores, only has the PT scores (NO BFC, NO BMI, NO HEIGHT TO WEIGHT CHART. You folks could complete the package. Thanks you.

3.1version, good app

Updated version is for male and females. Highly recommended. An improvement would be to get APFT standards/point system as well. All army soldiers should get this app

Good Application for Male under 40

This application looks like it follows the Regulation for younger Male Soldiers, but for Female and older Soldiers it does not follow the regulation. Also you can not go from Male to Female.


This app works great, a must have for soldiers in the army.

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